By Vivian Lux

Ruthless - Vivian Lux
  • Title: Ruthless
  • By: Vivian Lux
  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Genre: Contemporary

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Sinfully sexy five-book boxed set featuring the entire Ruthless series of Rockstar Romances

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1. JAX
4. LOW

1. JAX: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance

Jaxson Blue is rock royalty: the son of one of the biggest names on the planet. He was my first...everything.

Then he broke my heart in the most public way possible.

I never want to think about Jax again. 

Too bad his music seems to follow me wherever I go.

Now my hard-living roadie of a father is marrying Jax's rock star mother and the four of us have to co-exist in the same house for two weeks. Jax is still the same sexy, arrogant jerk I fell in love with, and I'm too weak to resist him for long.

So I make a deal with myself. 

It's only until the wedding.
It's only a fling. 
It doesn't mean anything. 

I'm not doing anything wrong...right?

2. RANE: A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance

If at first you don't succeed, f*ck it and move the hell on. I'm Rane Wilder and I'm not one to hold on to sh*t. Life as the guitarist in the biggest band on the planet is fun. Which is good.

Because the second it stops being fun, I'm out.

Being in the music video with Madeline Cole, that was fun too. Sure, the band had misgivings. Maddie's a crazy former child star who hit rock bottom hard, and is now trying to revitalize her career. She's a fiery redhead with big blue eyes and a bad reputation, but her mom is dating my dad, so I thought I'd do her a favor by giving her the work.

That's when things get difficult.

Because falling for Maddie is really easy. I can see the fire inside of her, and I love it that I'm the one who makes her burn.

But being with her? That's hard as hell.

Especially when our parents announce their engagement.

I've fallen for a force of nature and she's about to become my stepsister.

And for the first time in my life, I can't move on.

3. WILDER: A Rockstar Romance

Five years ago I waited for her but she never showed up. I tried to find her, but she disappeared.

If she thinks she can just walk back into my life with no explanation, she is mistaken. 

Sure I'll help her. I'll fix it. That's what I do. I'm a problem solver and I don't let go until things are the way they should be.

Like me and Scarlett, together again.

Now that I have her back in my life, I'm not letting her run away from me again. We're about to leave on tour and I don't care what the rest of the band thinks. Or even what she thinks.

She's coming with me.

4. LOW: A Rockstar Romance

Loyalty to my band meant I had to step out from behind the drumkit for the first time in my life.

Now my face is everywhere and there are paparazzi camped out in front of my building.

Zoe is a distraction from all this weirdness. Her soft body fits in my hands like she was made for me and I can't get enough of the way she sounds when she cries out my name.

But I've been down this road before. She can't possibly understand the ties that bind me.

I'm going to hurt her. I'm going to break her heart. There is no denying this will end badly.

So why can't I walk away?

5. TRUE: A Rockstar Romance

Ruthless has been my favorite band forever. So when the fiercely beautiful brunette stomped into the bar where I'd been licking my wounds, I instantly recognized Piper Stowe.

What I can't figure out is what she's doing here. It's like she's purposefully putting herself in danger.

Someone needs to protect her from herself.

I'm a down-on-my-luck nobody, dirt poor and stuck in a go-nowhere life. But I protect her. Again, and again and again.

She rarely talks. She won't let me touch her. She's a f*cking mess.

So why the hell do I want her so badly?

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